Golden Winter Golden Winter 2012 A boy befriends a litter of homeless Golden Retrievers. Together, they help stop a bank robbery just in time for Christmas.
UPC Rev Share #: 686340-261532
UPC Retail #: 686340-261648
Blu Ray #: 686340-261754

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Princess And The Pony Princess And The Pony 2011 A sheltered young princess is sent to live with relatives in America, where she befriends a pony held captive by a shady carnival owner.
UPC Rev Share #: 686340-253537
UPC Retail #: 686340-253643

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Meteor Apocalypse Meteor Apocalypse 2010 A gigantic meteors enters Earth's orbit and begins to disintegrate, showering the entire planet with debris. One man must find his family as the world around him falls apart.
UPC Rev Share #: 811667-020917
UPC Retail #: 811667-021013

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Coundown Jerusalem Countdown: Jerusalem 2009 A journalist searches for her daughter as a series of catastrophic disasters push a destabilized society toward the brink of global war.
UPC Rev Share #: 811667-010918
UPC Retail #: 811667-010925
Catalog #: 1091/1092

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Evil Sunday School Musical 2008 Two competing groups of high school students must rally together and enter a song and dance competition in order to save their church from closing.
UPC Rev Share #: 811667-010819 (8)
UPC Retail #: 29567-0562-2 (6)

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Evil Evil 2008 Based on the classic legend of a cynical journalist who discovers that the power of faith can defeat the forces of unspeakable darkness.
UPC #: 686340-215139
Catalog #: 2151

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2012 Doomsday 2012: Doomsday 2008 In this epic disaster, four strangers on a journey of faith are drawn to an ancient temple in the heart of Mexico on December 21, 2012. For the Mayans it is the last recorded day. For NASA scientists it is a cataclysmic polar shift. For the rest of us, it is Doomsday.
UPC #: 686340-211537
Catalog #: 2115

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The Apocalypse The Apocalypse 2007 In this epic disaster film of faith, a mother and father search for their only child as a giant asteroid headed for Earth triggers a series of apocalyptic events.
UPC #: 811667-010710
Catalog #: FF 0107

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